1. Spread as much love and positive energy as possible.

We aim to change the world one experience at a time.

2. One Stage, One Vibe.

The stage acts as the heartbeat of the festival and we strive to create the ultimate collective consciousness. With everyone on the same wavelength we can create the best possible vibe.

3. The Music Writes The Story Of Our Experience

Our intention is to curate the ultimate musical journey with nonstop House, Techno, & Love.

4. Desert Hearts Is A Family And A Movement Of Love.

This whole thing is so much bigger than just a party. Desert Hearts is our family and our way of life. Take what learn you at the festival and spread it to the far reaches of the universe.

5. Follow The Golden Rule.

Treat others as you would like to be treated. Take care of yourself and your fellow Desert Hearts.

6. Radical Self-Expression & Radical Self-Reliance. )’(

Thank you Burning Man for showing us the way.

7. Bring The Best Possible Version Of Yourself.

We want to see your freak flags fly. Keep an open mind and open heart. 

8. Contribute To The Community.

From the smallest contribution of a smile to a full blown theme camp, every ounce of participation helps create the life of the festival.

9. Be Here Now.

Unplug from technology, leave your baggage at home, and commit to the vibe. 

10. It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint.

The tortoise wins the race. Take care of yourself and those around you.

11. House, Techno, & Love… We Are All Desert Hearts.

Welcome To The Family! 
Desert Hearts Festival