The following is a brief list that Desert Hearts feels is essential for most every festivalgoer:

Home / Tent

-Air Mattress or other soft surfaces including pillows and warm blankets for night. -Shade over your tent and shared spaces. -Chairs -Trash and recycling bags


-Drink lots of water! Keep an eye out for the signs and symptoms of dehydration, info here -Sunscreen, Lip balm w/ sun protection -Personal toiletries (toothbrush, tooth paste, feminine products, towel, etc) -Baby wipes are a good substitute for a shower (remember, pack it in pack it out!) -Hand sanitizer -Earplugs -Sunglasses -Extra Contact lenses, and eye drops -Aloe in case you get burned -Allergy medication / Prescription medication


-Cooler -Reusable water bottle/canteen, cups, plates, and utensils, etc. -Trash/recycling bags -Biodegradable soap -Cookware -Propane powered stove -Your favorite foods (plus we’ll have tons of yummy food vendors onsite)


-Cool clothes for the day (highs may range from 70’s to 90’s) -Hats and sunglasses -Scarves and bandanas (great when dipped in cold water) -Warm clothes for the night (lows may range from 30’s to 50’s) -Comfy shoes and sandals -Costumes and fun outfits. Ever been to Burning Man?


-Flash light / headlamp -Camera (label it with your name and contact info) -Trash and recycling bags -Gloves, tape, rope, zip ties, etc. -Stakes to secure your tent and shade structure to the ground