Volunteering is an important part of what makes magical events like Desert Hearts possible and an important part of participating in the world at large. Whether you’re building an art installation, helping a neighboring camp with their setup, assisting participants upon their arrival with the Gate and Box Office crews, or just running amok creating a smile on every fellow participant you encounter, you’re a pivotal piece in the puzzle. The Desert Hearts community exists because of the hard work and kick ass dedication of volunteers offering their time, resources, knowledge, and skills year-round and at the festival. When something needs doing, it gets done, by you, and you!, and you!, and you!

No experience necessary – just a desire to learn new things and to be an active part of your community!

Frequently Asked Questions for Volunteers:

Do I get a free or discounted ticket for volunteering at Desert Hearts?

Upon acceptance to volunteer for Desert Hearts, you’ll be given instructions via email to send in your $169 volunteer deposit. Upon successful completion of your scheduled shifts, your deposit will be refunded less a $9 processing fee. If you do not fulfill your volunteer obligations, your deposit will be retained in exchange for the ticket we gave you to come join us. Volunteer deposits are due by Friday, February 3rd.

If you are concerned about tickets selling out before receiving notice that you’ve been accepted to volunteer, please purchase a ticket which you can then sell or gift to someone else if you are accepted as a volunteer. Please note that Desert Hearts does not offer refunds for tickets.

You will not be allowed to volunteer with us again if you forfeit your deposit.

When do I find out if I’m accepted to volunteer?

All applicants will be notified of acceptance (or non-acceptance) via email by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3RD

How do I receive my ticket?

When you arrive to the Box Office, give them the full name you used on your volunteer application, your photo ID or passport, and a big smile in exchange for a wristband granting you admission to the event.

Can I come early and/or stay after the event ends?

Only those with authorized early entry will be admitted to the site before the gates open to the general public at 10am on Friday, March 31st. You will be told specifically by the Volunteer Coordinator if you are authorized for early entry.

Everyone, except those participating with the teardown crew, must be off-site by noon on Tuesday, April 5th.

Where do I camp?

While there is no designated volunteer camp, you are free to camp wherever you’d like, as long as it’s not within one of the areas marked off by the Desert Hearts crew for vendors, art installations or other camps.

Can I camp with my car?

If you want to camp with your car, you can purchase a car camping pass for $70 (when available for sale). Click here to purchase Car Camping & RV passes.

Carpool! Carpool! Carpool! Desert Hearts aims to Leave No Trace and Leave It Better, which includes reducing our carbon footprint.

Do I get to eat?

There are several deliciously yummy vendors available for you to purchase food. Volunteers will receive a minimum of (1) meal card good for (1) meal at any of the food vendors as a gift in appreciation of your service, with a possibility of additional meal cards for exceptional support and go-get-em while on shift.

*Please note that this meal card is one per volunteer (not one per shift) and is given as a gift of gratitude. <3

There will be no vendors available during pre- and post-event so please plan accordingly.

I have more questions. Who do I ask?

Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, volunteer@deserthearts.us

What do each of the volunteer teams for Desert Hearts DO exactly?

Glad you asked. Please see team descriptions below.

Box Office

These are the folks to see if you arrive without a ticket or if your dog, cat, or small farm animal ate it. They’re also the folks who’ll ask you to fill out and sign innumerable forms signing away your life, your pet gerbil, and your second cousin. Box Office crew accepts compliments and bribes, although they’ll still need to see your ticket before they’ll get you wristbanded and ready for entry into Desert Hearts.

Build & Teardown Crew

Pitching in helping hands to bring Desert Hearts to life, these volunteers know how to wield a hammer. Must be willing to volunteer for (1) week to help before or after the gathering. To be on Build Crew, you must arrive on or before Sunday, March 27th. To be on Teardown Crew you must be able to stay until Wednesday or Thursday, April 6th or 7th.


Welcoming participants into their home for the weekend and maintaining areas where campers set up, this crew knows how to hold the vibe. Campground Hosts work closely with Red Artery to ensure vehicles park and stay parked in designated areas as well as reminding everyone to treat their shared camp space as their home and leave it better than they found it.

HQ Crew

The HQ crew supports the service of all other Desert Hearts volunteer crews. They’re a team of wild, hard working, do-it-yourself characters, whose mission is to ensure members of the event team, including their fellow volunteers, take care of themselves by delivering water, breaks, and overall fun. They also fill in for depts. who need a little extra help. When not found at HubQuarters, the volunteer homebase, or caretaking for other departments, they can usually be found instigating shenanigans somewhere in the event.

Red Artery / Parking

All hail the Red Artery crew who make sure we can all fit comfortably in the event. Working closely with the placement team, Flow Control artists have a good handle on mapping out how exactly to fit all the cars, RVs, and other vehicles into the event with style and grace. They’ll also kindly ask you to move or be moved if you find yourself parked in the wrong area.

Waste Warriors

The Waste Warriors help you, Desert Hearts, to leave a legacy; a legacy of positive impact, of Waste Warriors help educate participants on having the least ecological impact and “Pack It In, Pack It Out” principles. They may also sometimes be found leading scavenger hunts and games or having battles at the Trash Tower.

Ready to fill out your application to volunteer at Desert Hearts?